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Mormon Awakenings: 002: Getting Job

Guest host Jack Naneek shares with us a podcast episode titled “Getting Job”.  What are the lessons we find in the Book of Job.  When we get below the surface of the stories we always tell ourselves is there something more in this book of scripture?  The book of Job is a strange unusual story that doesn’t really fit the narrative.  Today we wake up to the Book of Job.


4 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: 002: Getting Job”

  1. I really appreciate these perspectives. Lots to think about. Oh, that Sunday School were this thought provoking…

  2. Wow, I was experiencing Podcast fatigue, but I’m sure glad I took the time to listen to this one. It was easy to follow while doing other activities, and provides insights to the book of Job I had always heard about but never internalized to the extent which you did.

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