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Mormon Awakenings: 010: Jerky Neighbors and Prying Stake Presidents

Jack Naneek discusses the daily grind of dealing with the people around us.  No matter their rank, how others treat you says very little about you and everything about them.  Yet, all interactions, good and bad, are part of the great learning process called life.  In the end, we discover that even Elijah had to learn love.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: 010: Jerky Neighbors and Prying Stake Presidents”

  1. I am a post-mormon but still resonate with much of the good in the church. I really appreciate your fresh perspective on what really matters. I would like to offer an alternative explanation for the stake presidency councelor’s behavior in the temple interview. I was a bishop and also a stake presidency councelor. Leaders are trained and influenced by their own file leaders. I recall many instances where a visiting authority passed his opinions or “inspiration” on to a stake presidency and even asked the SP to train their bishops in a certain way. I remember leadership training where we were told to only use the set recommend questions as a starting point. We were often told to ask more probing questions especially in the area of “law of chastity” topics. After one particular bishops training meeting I felt like I wasn’t doing my duty if I just sped through the basic questions. I can see why your guy asked you to bear a testimony and then gave you a lecture with some cited scriptures. Thanks again for your insight!

  2. Thank you for this. So interesting. Now we we can speculate with a little more clarity on what he was thinking, what his deal was. So happy to get some insight into the workings of the process. I’m sure they were well intended. No doubt. But, sadly, not helpful nor inspiring to many of us. Nonetheless, I do think I’ve projected my own deal at others as much or more than others have! Something I should have mentioned in the podcast! Thanks again.

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