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Mormon Awakenings: 012: Seeing Color in a Black and White World

Jack Naneek explores the limitations we put on ourselves, and how that can lead us to overlook all that is miraculous around us.  Trips to Hong Kong, near car accidents and a review of the story of Ruth are considered.  In the end, we learn that maybe God is closer and more omnipresent (if something can be more omnipresent) than we think.  


2 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: 012: Seeing Color in a Black and White World”

  1. Really liked the example of the missionary story and how gullible we can become we want something.

    I had a harder time picking apart the rest of the story and analogies due to the fact that my mind lingered so hard on the experience your brother had.

    I was already sort of familiar with the lineage of Christ through Darius Grey youtube video regarding the appearance of black people in the scripture and how Christ has black blood in his lineage… which so do I for that matter (2%) according to Ancestry DNA.

    DO you just ramble on your podcast around certain points that you want to make? Do you plan them out? How much time do you invest in making an episode. You say you we can email you… I will always just happy enough to leave a comment with each episode… but perhaps I’ll take your word for it one of these days.

    Anyways, I’ve rambled for too long, thanks for awakening me!! Cheers!!!

  2. Thanks David. I think you’re saying I’m rambling without making points. Sorry about that. Thanks for feedback. Please do email. Always grateful for feedback and thoughts.

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