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Mormon Awakenings: 014: Rats in a Maze

Jack Naneek examines maze running as well as maze jumping. The prodigal son(s) are examined. We learn the paths of our lives are uniquely suited to our needs, which makes what we do not as important as the doing of it! In the end, we learn that there’s something way bigger than the maze, the prodigal son(s) or the rats!


8 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: 014: Rats in a Maze”

  1. This was great podcast as usual… damn I should of jump out of the maze a lot earlier, only to come back and visit the maze at a late stage in life.

    So Maze = Church standards?

    At least it still lets you get to the cheese.

    We should all transgress and experience what Adam & Eve got to experience. Damn that wrong road – twenty years too late experience.

    Too bad other people still want to stay in the maze, oh well.

    So are you in or out of the maze? Wait we can have it both ways?

    This can be confusing… let’s celebrate the prodigal son over the one who stayed behind. That father I tell you… total enabler.

  2. Hey man, I didn’t write the garden of eden story. Just trying to make sense of it, and my own experiences in the process! 🙂

  3. You speak about the 3rd choice….the one not on the list. I appreciate the discussion because its “outside the box”.

    Those who stay in the maze get rewarded,…but from my experience, this is not life: its keeping inside the bounds the “Lord” sets…which can be problematic.

    The place that is problematic is what the “Lord” says. In many churches, what the leaders say is what the “Lord says”, or so the leaders claim. And, those who stay in the maze often do so BECAUSE they are unwilling to consider that maybe leaders speak as men or women more often than as “the mouthpiece of the Lord.”
    I can think of several “contemporary” examples that many LDS people would agree with:

    JonesTown via Jim Jones
    Branch Dividians
    Warran Jeffs

    A more direct example and personal example is that God cursed Blacks with a dark skin “Because it was necessary that the devil should have a representation upon the earth as well as God”….LDS leader John Taylor.

    Wow…how many people stayed in the maze on that…….

    1. Yes. I agree with that view. Who puts you In tHe maze? And why? It’s not always with bad intent, or because their mean, but the facts are a lot people speak for God and not everyone knows God. Our special authority figures are similar to most: well intended. Maybe not so very insightful after the basic basics.

      1. I began to see something wrong years ago when there was never a question or doubt the leadership spoke for God. When something was discussed that was unpopular or offensive, even hurtful, the retort was “Well, God will never lead us astray.”

        Why was the question of: “Is the leader really speaking for God on this…or are they off?”….why was that question never EVER addressed?

        I began to wonder why, and THAT (at least for me) began to alert me that I was in the maze and perhaps there were other options.

        Of course, to question whether a Prophet of God speaks for God is heresy…but, so be it. At least I got out of the maze and stopped getting fat on mind-numbing cheese!

  4. Yes. I reject the notion that to doubt or honestly question leadership is to doubt God. But that is the hierarchy and what the line of authority implies. I do believe in getting along to get along. But I don’t believe God is upset when we find leadership lacking or presumptuous

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