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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 021: Some Wish It Were A Cult

Jack Naneek explores literalism, authority, and how some Mormons wish the LDS Church really was a cult.  Stories of the Old Testament are examined, foundational history reconsidered, and the writings of Mark Twain mentioned.  In the end, we learn Huck Finn might have been right when he decided to stay on the raft with Jim!


10 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 021: Some Wish It Were A Cult”

    1. I think it means retain your authority to be, to decide, to act. Maybe that’s what God does. Certainly corresponds to what we think of Godly attributes.

  1. I think you are right about being addicted to authority and hierarchy.

    Its sad it happens so much, because our ability to choose for ourselves is weakened by the very culture we live in. We are ALWAYS taught to defer to authority, and as we do that, the culture reinforces it. Its a vicious cycle of creating “sheeple”.

    1. There’s a time when it’s good to follow. But at some point all need to own their thoughts and decisions and conclusions.

      1. Jack…one interesting thing is the cultural pressure to NOT make your own choices. Didn’t Elder Oaks give a talk on 2 ways to receive revelation: one from the authorities and one from your own spiritual experience? If I recall, Oaks said that if you receive ANY impressions that are in opposition to the leadership, you can be certain its from satan.

        I found that talk VERY disconcerting.

        That talk discounts the historical times when clear mistakes have been made by leadership. For example: Adam God, killing those who engage in interracial marriage, declaring that all american Indians are Lamanites,…etc.

        Those are things, both internally and externally that have been proven false or otherwise disavowed. So, what Oaks is saying is if people prayed and didn’t agree with the original teaching (which was WRONG), then they are led by Satan?

        The whole idea of deferring to authority in the church?…I think its dangerous.

  2. Agreed. There are times and things that can cause some anxiety if you organize your life that way. At the same time the institution needs order. There’s an implied agreement: follow for the institution’s sake, the groups sake. And we (organizers) will be careful how far we go. Learning to navigate these dynamics is part of our personal challenges in life.

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